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Minggu, 12 April 2009

Make Women Laugh

These are the benefits YOU GET
  • The art of conversation with any woman. How to break ice with any woman within 2 minutes and what type of language you should use when communicating with them
  • Women trust their instincts more than their logic. Here's how you can take advantage of that to "prepare her" for laughter and love
  • One fact that women will deny but you should know in order to deal with women effectively
  • A useful technique that can intensify women's feelings and make them more open to you
  • One rule you should follow to get rid of the fear of rejection and improve you "pick up skill"

  • Find out why most pick up lines don't work and what role you should assume when dealing with women
  • Secret techniques to instantly build rapport with any woman both physically and psychologically and 5 ways to quickly improve your rapport-building skills
  • How to take charge of conversations with women and make them feel they're "in your show"; how to get rid of the "fear of failure" feeling and develop the "I don't" care mentality which will loosen you up and improve your "performance"
  • 4 most effective tonalities to use to immediately attract women with humor as well as to accentuate your own personality
  • 6 useful techniques to improve your body posture, gestures, movements to ensure "humor consistency"

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