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Jumat, 10 Oktober 2008

How To Do Everything with Your iPOD

Do more and have more fun than you ever thought possible with Apple's portable jukebox and this easy-to-use guide. Not only will you be able to play music, but you will learn to find, download, and organize your music to get the best sound, use cool accessories, and pick up little-known tips and tricks to enhance your overall iPod experience.

From the Back Cover

Imagine your entire music library, contacts, and schedule­­--all in the palm of your hand. How to Do Everything with Your iPod shows you how to get the most out of your iPod with both Mac OS X and Windows XP. Learn how to use your iPod's powerful operating system and phenomenal storage capacity not just to revolutionize your music listening, but also to keep all your vital information on hand and safely backed up. Step-by-step instructions walk you through MP3 essentials and show you how to get the best audio quality. Plus, use your iPod as a portable FireWire drive for backup and file transfer, and much more.

* Set up your iPod, connect it to your computer, and install the software
* Learn how MP3 works and create the highest-quality music files possible
* Rip and encode music from CDs, records, or cassettes
* Cram more songs onto your iPod than you can fit onto your hard disk
* Boot your Mac from your iPod
* Play music from your iPod through your car stereo, home stereo, or computer
* Use your iPod as a portable backup device for vital documents
* Put news, notes, recipes, and any other text on your iPod
* Understand what makes your iPod tick--and learn how to keep it running as smoothly as possible
* Maximize iPod battery life and troubleshoot problems


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